A New Era CPA & Business Advisor

Question:  when was the last time any one of your experts, your resources, called to say, "Hey, I just went to a seminar and I think I may have learned several new ways to save and make you more money!"

Michael Grande does.

Why?  He listens, he digs deep, he gets to know you, he takes initiative, and he looks at the big picture.  Bottom line:  Michael Grande becomes your partner.  He wants to give you peace of mind in your business and personal financial lives.

And over the years, if Michael doesn't have the hands-on skills, he’s established one of the industry’s broadest networks of professionals who have the same philosophy and drive to help you keep more of what you earn, anticipate your questions and needs!

Clients look to him as the gatekeeper who brings to you the resources you want and need, when you want and need them,

So you can live better, be more successful, do the right thing and have the confidence you have a true business partner, one with years of experience, and credentials and references to back it, to provide that special human perspective that sets him - and your relationship with Michael Grande - apart.  A relationship that surpasses and establishes a confidence with the delicate balance between traditional accounting, financial and business consulting AND creative thinking.

Now, an exciting new concept. one firm, one person, one resource, for all your needs and to help find you the answers. One person accountability.

Michael A. Grande - financial and accounting assistance PLUS financial solutions!