The Grande Difference

What sets Michael apart is best described as the relationship he establishes and maintains with his client base, an understanding of their wants and needs. In response to the needs of his clients, he has developed a vast network of other professionals. Working in conjunction with these professionals or his client's own advisors, Michael helps his clients grow and prosper. This, coupled with an unparalleled initiative and drive, prompts clients to stay with him year after year, and prosper, under his guidance and friendship. To keep abreast of technology, events and developments in those fields in which he practices, he often exceeds the required continuing education requirements established by his profession.

Look into The Grande Difference!  WHY?

His goal is, and your goal should be

Minimizing Your Taxes


Maximizing your Financial Tools


Grow and Prosper

We serve: professionals, executives, medical and dental practitioners, small business owners and other higher income earners who have little time, but like ideas, initiative and someone who wants to help you grow and prosper. Call to experience The Grande Difference!

A 'Grande' New Era CPA & Business Advisor
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